Welcome! I am a User Experience Researcher + Designer in New York City.  Using my background of running a photography business, I take the overall vision of the client and translate that into actionable steps to reach their goal. I am an adept listener with an ability to meet people where they are. I adore expressive storytelling, structure, collaboration, learning, and cats.

Thank Heaven Children's Boutique: New Website

Bringing top-quality experiences and brands from brick & mortar to the digital space.



REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is an outdoor goods store that started in Seattle in 1938. There are currently 154 stores across the United States and it has a very robust e-commerce website.

My research team of three set out to learn about REI’s customers, competitors, and business structure. The site was analyzed against standard heuristics as well as compared to competitive sites.

The conceptual redesign of REI's website, my solo project, focuses on the categorizing of items and the navigation.

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